ExitPlan Mobile: Walkthrough

In the first room start by using the arrow keys look around the room and collect the 2 potions sitting in various positions in the room. 

The purple potion can be found sitting on the shelf between the books location and bed location.
The red potion can be found in the corner of the room on the box with the bottle.
To unlock the desk drawer you must locate the clue hidden on the table with the books.
The symbols spread out around the room in coordination with the clue found on the table tell you the combination to the desk.
The key found in the desk unlocks the chest on the right side of the room. Where you will find the green potion.
Under the pillow on the bed you will find a clue which describes how the potions should be mixed.
Collect the pot on the table and proceed to the fireplace where you will need to use the clue from the bed to mix the potions in the correct order.
correctly mixing the potions will open a portal on the wall. Navigate to the portal to enter the next room.
On one of the tables you will find a clue that will help identify which symbols need to be drawn on the magic idol.
The number of books in each stack with a symbol indicates the order of each symbol in the sequence.
After entering the sequence of symbols correctly you collect a magic hammer which can be used to break the cursed box.
After collecting the blue crystal from inside the box navigate to the bookshelf next to the floating table.
The lines and dashes indicate which book to pull and which book to leave in. 
The dots indicate which book to pull out and the dashes indicate which to leave in. Note: All books must be pushed in before entering in the correct combination. 
The pink crystal can be found in the corner of the room behind the bookshelf.
tap the lever to switch it off, moving the floating table back to the ground.
The red crystal can now be collected from the table that was floating.
The key to unlock the chest can be found in the bottom right corner of the room behind the bookshelf.
Unlock the chest and collect the green crystal.
Now that all crystals are collected a magic circle will appear in the center of the room.
Crystals must be placed in their correct location in the circle.
The correct location for each crystal can be found on the poster hanging on the wall next to where the cursed box was.
Placing the crystals correctly will cause the circle to glow green and another portal to appear in the room. Return to the center of the room to locate the portal and navigate to it. 
Once in the cave, begin by collecting the green and blue swords which can be found by looking around the room. 
A scroll can be found on the skeletons lap which will identify how each lever should be pulled in the sequence of levers.
After the spears have been lowered tap the floating levers on the left side of the room. 
The clue for the floating levers can be found on the left side of the Skull Platform with the sword in it. 
After flipping the correct arrangement of levers the stone head will roll out of the way revealing another room.  
The valves must be turned to the right positions to continue. The clues for each valve can be found spread out through out the cave.
The first valve clue is found written on the stone where the blue sword was found.
The second valve clue can be found behind the pile of rocks to the right side of the skull platform.
The final valve clue can be found behind the valves themselves.
Correctly turning the valves will cause the red sword to be revealed in the fountain. Collect it and begin looking for the final sword.
The final sword can be found in the pile of rocks where the 2nd valve clue was. Use your finger to move the rocks and reveal the yellow sword. 
After all swords are collected navigate to the Skull platform to put the swords in their appropriate positions. 
The crown on the skeletons head indicates which position each sword should be placed. 
Placing the sword correctly will move the final barrier. Click the floating yellow orbs to make your way out of the cave.  Click the cave exit to continue to next room.
On the table to the right side of the main dungeon room has a scroll clue that relates to the rocks sticking out of the wall on the left side of the first cell. 
The clue collected from the table tells you the order of the rocks to push in on the wall of the cell. Note: All rocks must be in the out position before pushing in the correct order. 
Pushing the rocks in the correct order will open a grate in the ground of the cell located to the left of the room the rocks are in. 
In the grate you will find an alphabet of ruins which can be used to tell you which word to type into the letter lock on the locked cell.
To find which ruins to use locate the desk on the other side of the room with the rock puzzle in it. The correct ruins will be written on the desk. Use the Alphabet to decode them.
Navigate to the letter lock on the door and type in the correct word deciphered from the desk. 
In the newly unlocked cell you will find a chessboard. The pieces must be moved into the correct positions to move forward.
To find what position to move the pieces into to locate the storage cell holding all the boxes and sacks.
The clue for the chess puzzle can be found above the doorway in that room.
Move the pieces into their correct spaces to trigger another cell to open.
Navigate to the newly opened cell and enter it.
Congratulations you've made to the end!